RailHammer pickups:


Most of our guitars are loaded with 'em. 

RailHammer makes unique Rail / Pole design pickups that have incredible articulation and gain.



Kerly Music Strings:


Matt and Richard both use Kerly Music Wycked Wire strings

on all their electrics. The strings are tempered by exposing them to extreme heat and cold during the manufacturing process. The result as an increibly durable string that not only outlasts the competition, but also sound better for much longer.



Bucks County Drum Co.:


Joey has been a supporter of the Bucks County line for a number of years. Bucks County make some of the highest quality and best sounding drums on the market today.

If you are a drummer and do not know of this operation, you are doing yourself a disservice. 



Electra Guitars:


Legendary guitars ... Legendary guitars... Legendary guitars.

We cannot say enough good things about them.

Matt, Rich and Scott  use 'em and you should as well.



Talon Guitar Picks:


An incredibly unique design. These picks increase your control, bite and attack on your string contact and are rotatable to change the style of picking you desire.

Matt uses them exclusively.



 Recording King Guitars:


VEDIC uses Recording King acoustic guitars exclusivly and gave the RD-310 one hell of a test drive on our debut recording.

It is difficult to find an acoustic that handles drop C tuning well and we are so pleased that we found the RD-310. 

Recording King started out as a house brand for Montgomery                                                     Ward in 1930 and has been getting better and better ever since.



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