Like a Pheonix emerging from a flame, VEDIC has risen from the ashes of Cipher (Eclipse Records) and Single Bullet Theory (Crash / Pavement).


        VEDIC has come together with the intent of bringing contemporary heavy music to a new level of uncompromising intensity and professionalism, without sacrificing the ever important element of great song writing. With compositions slamming through the boundaries of the genre, the songs created by VEDIC are both aggressive in nature yet surprisingly easy to listen to, forcing the listener appreciate both the beauty and brutality they possess.  Crushing guitars, bass and drums create layers of monstrous grooves sitting on your chest with hooks that tie you up and hold you down, in your face where you want it and where it belongs. No one walks away from a song that VEDIC plays whether at a show or on your CD player.

         VEDIC could also be considered the musical equivalent of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde with frequent indulgences in quiet, serene acoustic moments amidst the heavy hitting grooves, showcasing the multi-faceted abilities of the band.

         Just as important as the music are the dynamics of Jason Feinens vocals. In the same manner that the band can play whatever it desires to get the individualistic feeling each song has across to the listener, Jason blankets the mood upon mood with his powerful delivery to bring each song to it’s aesthetic completion.

         VEDIC’s live show pulls no punches and anyone witnessing the band in action will attest to the energy and enthusiasm of both the band and the crowd. Each song is precisely executed in a devastating manner with each member raging through the set as if it were the last day on Earth.




Jason Feinen:   Lead Vocals



BIO coming soon!




Matt DiFabio:   Guitar / B.Vox


         Matt calls Philadelphia home but spent most of his adolecent years living in southeastern New Mexico. Matt has toured the United States and Canada extensivly with his main act Single Bullet Theory (Crash Music, Inc.) as well as his former bands Pissing Razors (Spitfire Records), Cipher, Preface and Poseidon.  Matt's biggest influences range on the classic / heavy side of music and vary from W.A.S.P., Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Metallica. Although lately, Matt enjoys much more atmospheric music such as Katatonia  /  Anathema and post rock.

        Outside of music, Matt loves football and often finds himself conflicted between cheering for the Patriots and the Texans. He also is a collector of guitars and high-gain amplifiers. It's not unusual to find Matt sipping a nice red wine or  an IPA.


Matt uses Electra Guitars - Splawn Amps - Marshall Amps and Cabinets -  Kerly Music Strings - Talon Guitar Picks - Recording King Acoustic Guitars exclusively.



Joey Eck:   Drums and Percussion


         Joey was born in Philadelphia, PA and aside from a short stint living in central Florida, has spent most of his life in the land of brotherly love. Joey is a huge fan of classic rock and classic heavy metal and like most drummers his age, was incredibly influenced by John Bonham, Peter Criss and Nicko McBrain.

         As the ying to his influental yang, Joey also loves ultra brutal death metal and thrash. He was the drummer of early 90's Philadephia heavyweights Poseidon and later a co-founder of Cipher (Eclipse Records). Joey also spent time in the cover band circuit with his bands Oldhead and Reaction, and has performed throughout the east coast including Ohio, New York and Toronto.


Joey's main love outside of music is Football (a rabid Colts fan) and has a passion for great tasting craft beer.


Joey uses Bucks County Drum Co. drums exclusively and also endorses Paiste, Promark and Evans.




Richard Gulczynski:   Guitar 


       Rich was born here in Philadelphia and has lived in various areas of southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Rich is a rather schooled guitarist and draws influence from everything from J.S. Bach to Pestilence and Alan Holdsworth. During his time as a live bassist for Decapitated and guitarist for Single Bullet Theory (current), Rich has toured all throughout the United States.

      Rich has also toured extensively in Europe while the guitarist of Solace of Requim and lists playing Romania, Hungary and Germany as highlights. Rich studies philosophy and eastern religions and you may also find him engaged in a game of chess or watching old school horror films. Rich is currently an Electra Guitars artist.


Rich Uses: Electra and AXL guitars - Marshall Amps - Marshall Cabinets - Kerly Music strings



Scott Schmitt:   Bass Guitar


       Although a native of Flint, Michigan, Scott has lived in Florida, Conneticut, The Cayman Islands, Seattle and now... Pennsylvania.

Scott grew up admiring the tecnique and stamina of Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and also draws heavy influence from Justin Chancellor (Tool).                Scott has played everywhere from Seattle to the Caymans and over the pond as far east as Budapest, Hungary.

Scott is also big into physical fitness and more specifically... swimming.


Scott uses Carvin and Ampeg Amps - SWR Cabinets - Electra and Music Man basses


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